Higher efficiency, Environmentally friendly.
i-Motor brushless motors for our future.

i-Motor Products

i-Motor is a Singaporean company that produces brushless (BLDC) blower and fan motors for the automotive industries. Our range of products are suitable for use in the HVAC air-con systems for buses and cars.

Our i-Motor brushless (BLDC) blower and fan motors are armed with our proprietary technologies, and have been proven to be reliable, safe and longer lasting. Our products’ expected life span is no less than 25,000 hours.

Such long lasting life span of i-Motor’s products gave our customers greater savings and conveniences in their vehicle operations in terms of maintenance costs and lesser downtime.

Our i-Motor BLDC products incorporate many advance features to provide superior performances and benefits, such as low energy consumption, low noise, no carbon dust, making our products one of the environmentally friendlier and cleaner blower and fan motors in the automotive market.

To this day, our continued growth and introduction of better new products indicate the acceptance and endorsement of our products' quality by our many satisfied customers, both locally and overseas.